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Why didn't you sell us the Fuji CR 5 years ago? It is just outstanding! Thanks

Reilly Glore, DVM

The transition to the new Innovet and Fuji system was really without a hitch. You and your team at Les Wilkins are top notch. My only regret is I should have done this 3 years ago. Thanks again.

Jackie Obando, DVM

I've never had a new tool so universally and enthusiastically accepted. One of the staff offered "this is frightfully easy". Obviously we love our Fuji.

Deb Scheuerman, DVM

Thanks for getting our Fuji Prima system installed. A special thanks to Ed Kline for spending some extra time training me. He is very patient and thorough.

Rick Myers, DVM

Ed Kline who does tech support did an excellent job of installing the system, training the staff, and is only a phone call away when we have any questions. I have utilized Les Wilkins since I opened my practice in 1985. They have always been very helpful and stood behind everything I purchased from them. That is why I chose Les Wilkins for this major purchase and we could not be happier.

Carl D. Anderson, DVM

Our purchase of a Fuji CR digital imaging system was the single best investment we have made in our practice. To date we have had exactly zero problems, and the performance has been outstanding. I spent a significant amount of time researching and asking questions about the different systems and brands (DR vs CR vs CCD etc) and beyond a shadow of a doubt for our size practice we made the right decision.

Steve Boharski, DVM

Thanks again for getting into the "digital age". We love our Fuji!

Nancy Isbell, DVM

Thanks for your recommendation and fantastic service in getting us up and running. The Fuji system is SPECTACULAR! Being able to send copies home with owners and to send the studies away with the click of the mouse has really improved the quality of care we are able to give our clients and patients.

Lea McWilliams, DVM

I wanted to email you and thank you for your prompt and courteous service that we received today! I really appreciate what you did. Thanks again.

Deb Seemann, DVM