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Welcome to Les Wilkins & Assoc. Inc. of Seattle, WA.   Serving the medical profession for over 55 years!


LWA sells and installs various types of x-ray imaging equipment for the medical profession.  Our products include both digital and film based formats.  We offer DR direct digital and CR computed radiography systems from various manufacturers We are part of the Vision Network of Independent dealers.   

We have completed approximately 150 digital imaging installations throughout the Northwest.

Want to see us?  Click on who we are for photos and brief personal information.

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Contact Information

Telephone in the United States
(206) 522-0908
(206) 522-5292
Postal address
6850 - 35th Ave NE  Seattle, WA 98115
Electronic mail
General Information: sales@leswilkins.com
Roy Duncan mailto:Rduncan@Leswilkins.com
        Terry Purdy mailto:idtopsea@gmail.com
Ed Kline    mailto:Edkline@msn.com
Duane Frost    mailto:Dfrost@Leswilkins.com
        Scott Lease    mailto:forscottie@gmail.com
        Merle Harris    mailto:Mharris1@leswilkins.com
Patci McNamee   mailto:PatciM@Leswilkins.com

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