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Les Wilkins & Associates is locally owned,  based in Seattle, Washington, surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We support a work atmosphere of mutual respect, lots of laughter, team work and dedication to our clients. Les Wilkins & Associates can boast about its employee dedication, awards and ownership. Recently purchased from Roy “Bud” Duncan, (who purchased it directly from Les Wilkins himself!), Les Wilkins has a new owner from within. Manager for over 25 years, Duane Frost has now taken the reins and is leading Les Wilkins and its team, into a new future. To this day, Les Wilkins & Associates still does business, on just a hand shake. Les Wilkins has earned this type of respect from its many, many clients as it has been in business for over 65 years!

Our Philosophy

Les Wilkins & Associates is committed to serving our customers by providing high quality products and excellent service. When it comes to your clinic or practice, whether it be Veterinary, Medical, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine or even Non-Profit, Les Wilkins will always have your business best interests in mind with the client being its number one priority. We achieve this philosophy by minimizing your downtime and ensuring maximum up time by providing outstanding technical support and sales recommendations for our broad product line at most competitive prices. We provide on-site training for all of our products and continued support there after. We also provide consultations and now have added computer hardware troubleshooting* and networking* to our list of many services.

Do you know what software your Radiologist uses?

By Craig Rollison - February 25, 2018

Most folks who are in a business that requires an Xray, will most likely have a radiologist to send the study to. For those who are established or who are looking to start their own clinic, you may want to keep on reading.  I get a fair amount a service calls per week that range from either a hardware situation, network and lately, software. . . . .
The Lazurus Xray

By Roy Duncan - March 11, 2006

Several years ago, we had a veterinary hospital become flooded. They had recently purchased an Innovet and we were "sweet talked" into trying to salvage it. The following is my story. I was able to salvage a veterinary x-ray that was immersed in several feet of filthy floodwater. I probably spent 6 to 8 hours actually working, but donated considerable travel time . . . .


Digital Services

Thinking its time to go digital? We have assisted many of our current and new clients in seamlessly transitioning from yesterdays chemical film processors to today’s easy to use digital systems. From the first site visit to the time we haul off your old processor, we’ve got you covered!

Need Training? We do that to. We will show you the ropes, explain the in’s and out’s of your new system. Can’t do it on install day? That’s fine to. We can work around most schedules to train you and your staff, on your time. 

Moving Services

We can move xrays, digital systems and more!
We can move just about anything in your clinic. From your X-Ray and Digital System right down to the Anesthesia equipment and Cages. What ever your needs are, Les Wilkins is always ready to help.

(Conditions apply.Call store or click here for details)

Our Team

Duane Frost

Duane Frost

Duane has been with LWA for 24 years. After years of on the job training and many formal classes, Duane can repair most any equipment that has to do with imaging. Duane is an active “board head” and enjoys the weekends snowboarding in the Cascades. Duane is a “pure purple” University of Washington Husky and is married to a “pure crimson” WSU graduate. Apple cup is an interesting time in the Frost home.

Roy Duncan

Roy Duncan

Roy Duncan has worked for LWA for over 40 years. A Seattle native, he holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. Roy is a qualified x-ray shielding designer for the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and Montana and provides shielding design plans for many architectural firms as well as many hospitals and university research facilities. Roy has served as recent President of Sand Point Country Club and has now “retired” from competitive soccer after 25 years as a defender/midfielder but remains active with skiing, golf and biking.

Craig Rollison

Craig Rollison

Craig Rollison is a Digital Technician, Sales & IT department. Craig joined Les Wilkins in December of 2014. He is our newest member and has over 25 years of computer experience with software, hardware, networking and repair. Craig has a unique ability to translate “Geek Speak” to “English”. He is also our Site Administrator.

Terry Purdy

Terry Purdy

Terry is our Regional Sales Associate. Terry joined Les Wilkins in 1996 after 8 years at Professional Vet Distributing. A former navy aviator and Vietnam Vet, Terry brings a professional approach to problem solving with his clients. Terry is from Boise Idaho, and still has family in the Treasure Valley. Terry is responsible for sales in Oregon, Southern Idaho, and Western Washington.

Scott Lease

Scott Lease

Scott joined us full time at the end of 2008. He is qualified to install, service and repair most major brands of film processors. He has learned the radiographic business and is very adept at repairing both xray equipment and film processors. Scott has a formal background in the food industry and spent a few years with Starbucks in research and marketing.

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