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The DXR Direct Digital x-ray system delivers a patented, single CCD direct digital receptor in conjunction with a Synergy 200 High Frequency generator for high quality images within seconds after exposure.  The acquired digital image appears on the system's display allowing for immediate positioning verification and diagnosis.  As a stand alone imaging workstation, with the optional Chiropractic DXR System is ideal for any clinic.

The DXR will replaces your existing x-ray system and darkroom.  Direct digital will preclude the need to purchase film, a film processor, chemistry and on going processor service.  You can obtain an image in approximately 6 seconds. Contact us for more details and a quotation.

We can also offer you a CR digital system that will retain your existing equipment, but allow you to lose your darkroom and film system.  See the Digital Radiology Section of our website for additional details.  You may access it through our Home Page or Chiropractic Digital


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