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FDR Devo

The FDR D-EVO has achieved 384 × 460 mm size and thickness of 14 mm which is equivalent to a CR cassette. The other main characteristics of the FDR D-EVO are 2.8 kg* weight, minimum 3seconds preview time and minimum 9seconds cycle time. Since the size is equivalent to a CR cassette, it is possible to load the FDR D-EVO into an existing upright/table X-ray system and handle it in the same fashion as a CR cassette.

FDR D-EVO P-Series Panels

FDR D-EVO P-series panels feature 150 micron pixel pitch and a wide 16-bit dynamic range, as well as Fujifilm’s exclusive, patented ISS (Irradiated Side Sampling) which provides ultra-sharp imaging with advanced dose efficiency. This exclusive design captures the x-ray image from the incident/patient side of the detector, in contrast to traditional designs which capture the image below the scintillator layer. The result is a reduction in the distance for light to spread, allowing the image to be captured where its sharper and stronger as it was always intended.

High image quality from low dose

As a world-leading imaging and information company, Fujifilm is dedicated both to improving image quality and advancing dose lowering technologies and safe healthcare standards for patients. FDR D-EVO is a perfect example. It features engineering innovations which achieve dose efficiency improvements by as much as 30% compared to Fujifilm CR and as much as 20% over comparable DR detector designs, all while delivering exceptional images.


  • New tapered design, easy to grasp, easy to slip under patient
  • Magnesium alloy casing is extremely lightweight & durable The 14x17'' detector is only 5.7 lbs. currently one of the lightest in the world
  • Built-in memory simplifies trauma acquisition and shared use
  • Smooth sealed surfaces lock out moisture (IPX-6 rating)
  • Fujifilm's exclusive Hydro AG™ antibacterial silver-ion coating is 99.99% effective against most common bacteria, 100 times* more effective than traditional coatings and 10,000 times* more effective than surfaces with no coating
  • Fujifilm detector innovations improve image quality and dose efficiency through refined Dynamic Visualization™ processing combined with patented ISS technology and improved circuitry performance


*Based on residual bacteria counts


  • Additional Flat Panel Detectors
  • Workstations
  • Spare Batteries
  • Battery Charger (2-slot)
  • Flat Panel Detector Docking Stand
  • Grid Caps
  • Advanced Processing Software

Optional Configurations

  • Portable FDR Flex kit
  • Retrofits
  • Integrated Rooms
  • Integrated Mobile Systems